Basin unlocks

value in real estate.

We use land ownership, carbon markets, and an emerging eco-credit class to create absolute returns and climate resilience.

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Positive Legacy

What is natural capital?

Thriving ecosystems are the bedrock of our economy. It’s the air we breathe, the water we drink, the soil we cultivate, and the biodiversity that sustains life. Our collective stock of natural assets makes life possible on this planet, and it's worth valuing.

Basin puts natural capital on the balance sheets of leading net-zero organizations.

How Does it Work?

We generate industry leading, fully verifiable, net-positive carbon and eco-credits through protocol owned real estate and joint ventures with landowners.

EcoCredit Types


Measuring biodiversity condition and net gain at stewardship sites.


Highest quality ecosystem carbon capture and long term storage.


Social & ecological benefits of optimized water usage & conservation.

Climate Risk

Captured value through drought, fire, and flood risk resilience.

Investment Opportunities

Learn more about our unique investment platform for corporations, climate funds, trusts, and landowners.

The $BASIN token bundles protocol owned real estate and ecocredit supply for real asset-backed exposure to natural capital on the blockchain.

For Corporations

For Climate Funds

For Trusts

For Landowners

Basin puts natural capital on the balance sheets of leading net-zero organizations.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is natural capital important?

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Poorly managed Natural Capital becomes not only an ecological liability, but a social and economic liability too. The destruction of Natural Capital can be catastrophic for both biodiversity loss and humans as ecosystem resilience declines over time and are more susceptible to extreme weather events and lack of productivity.

Why focus on nature and not just carbon?

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Carbon is the building block of life, but to focus on a singular molecule is to misunderstand the complexity of the earth’s natural systems. Resilient ecosystems offer an incredible range of services (including removing carbon from our atmosphere). The climate crisis is also one of biodiversity loss, pollution, and the overdevelopment of our wild spaces. A focus on protecting and restoring natural systems is, in our opinion, a more effective and holistic approach to carbon sequestration with measurable co-benefits for human and non-human life.

How does Basin generate and verify eco-credits?

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Is Basin a crypto company? What about the environmental impact of blockchain?

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Basin will offer numerous tokenized natural capital assets on the blockchain backed by “real” real estate assets. Although blockchain can use vast amounts of energy under a proof-of-work model, the industry as a whole is moving towards proof-of-stake, which can use 99% less energy than legacy blockchain technology. Basin’s blockchain will operate carbon-positive.

Will you have a token and when does it launch?

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Yes. Please sign up to get notified for more information on the $BASIN token launch.

How do I get involved?

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Reach us through our contact page, social channels, or join the DAO on Discord.

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